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Becoming a superior forerunner for Fine Arts Education development in order to strengthen local wisdom values which is globally oriented in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. 


  1. Organizing a superior fine arts education program in developing education that is rooted in the values of local wisdom to produce globally competent professional educators 
  2. Conducting excellent and quality research in the field of fine arts and innovative learning in accordance with the direction of university research policies that lead to an increase in the number of national and international publications, as well as the acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights (HKI); 
  3. Organizing Community Service activities that are oriented towards empowerment and improvement of community welfare through the application of innovative findings in the field of fine arts and their studies 
  4. Developing professional networks and partnerships in the field of fine arts education with the government / private sector, business/ industry, communities and local, national, regional and international society. 


The aim of Department of Fine Arts Education is to produce prospective teachers in the field of formal education at the secondary education level, teachers in non- formal education and to produce other professions (artists, critics, art managers) which are engaged in fine arts.

Graduate Profiles Description

  • Prospective Fine Arts Teachers

Preparing future innovative and creative professional educators in the field of Fine Arts that possess  pedagogical, professional, social, and personal competence

  • Fine Arts Education Research Assistant

A reviewer in fine arts education research that can publish his or her findings in scientific forums, national/international scientific journals, and integrate them through learning.

  • Fine Art Creators

Producing fine arts and being able to publish them in local, national, and international exhibitions. A creator of fine arts, whether in painting, sculpture, craft, or design, both pure and applied art.