Art Education Study Program was established in 1961, initiated by Drs. Barli Sasmitawinata under
the name of Art Education Major of Faculty of Literature and Arts Education (FKSS) IKIP Bandung.
The establishment of this major originated from the demands for educators in art education for
secondary schools. In 1963, Art Education Major of Faculty of Literature and Art Education (FKSS)
was listed as a de-facto faculty established in Teachers College or IKIP Bandung. Art Education
Major was established during the official recognition of FKSS in 1964 through the issuance of
Ministerial Order of Higher Education and Science Number 128 Year 1964 dated 19th October 1964. Some prominent figures fostering this major were Drs. Popo Iskandar, Drs. Wiyoso, Drs.
Radiusuto, Drs. Yulius Yunus, and Drs. Oho Garha.

The name of the major was changed from ‘Art Education Major’ to ‘Art and Craft Education
Major’, with the major consisting of Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree (S-1, D3, D2) of Art
Education Study Program and Wood and Ceramic Carving Crafts Education Study Program (D3/D2)
after the issuance of the Government Regulation Number 5 Year 1980 and Presidential Decree
Number 48 Year 1982. ‘Faculty of Literature and Arts Education’ (FKSS) was then changed into
‘Faculty of Language and Art Education’ (FPBS) as stated in the Rector Decree Number No.
302/PT.25.R/E/1983 dated 24 January 1983. Gradually, all of the associate degree programs (D3,
D2, and D1) were closed in 1991.

Then, ‘Art Education Major’ was changed into ‘Art Education Department’ along with the issuance
of Government Regulation Number 15 Year 2014 on the Statute of Universitas Pendidikan
Indonesia dated 28 January 2014. In the same year, Faculty of Art and Design Education (FPSD)
was separated from Faculty of Language and Art Education as is stated in The Rector Decree
Number 7676/UN40/HK/2014 dated 22nd December 2014.

Art Education Study Program, Faculty of Art and Design Education is currently accredited “A” by
National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) according to Decree Number
5076/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/XII/2017 which is valid until 27th December 2022.

The primary focus of Art Education Study Program comprises Art Theories, Fine Arts Basic Practice,
Fine Arts, Learning Media, Research on Fine Arts, and Professional Skills in Fine Arts education.
The department produces qualified teachers for junior and senior high school along with other
professions that work in Fine Arts field (artists, critics, and art managers).

To refine the institution’s performance and lecturers’ professionalism, since August 15th 2015, Art
Education Study Program has worked with the Association of Art Education Study Programs
(AP2SR), that consists of 12 state teacher training institutes (LPTK) and 2 private teacher training
institutes. Besides establishing cooperation with AP2SR, Art Education Study Program also actively
participates in Indonesian Arts Teachers Association (APSI) and maintains international
cooperations with universities from other countries.